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What is coming our way -  prophecies by John Paul Jackson

The future Church


By Steve Irvine – Feb 2012


There are going to be smaller churches, many will divide or fall and Christians will think it is the work of the enemy, but it is the hand of God, because judgment starts in the house of God.


The Lord is not happy with entertainment, and he wants the church reaching out to non-believers.  Some are replacing the Gifts of the Spirit with programmes and entertainment. Many Christians will have visions, and they will go to their established churches but not be accepted, so many form their own home-fellowships.  Many churches will be shut down.  Big and mega churches will be no more – church in the future will be in house-fellowships, because they are under government rule and man’s rule. The church will go underground.  The church is going to go back to its basics and its roots, and they will see signs and wonders which will bring a lot of people to faith. 


Warning Dream


STEVE  Irvine  – Feb 2012


 Internal prophetic warning  dream


In the dream, I am by the sea with a load of people.  It’s a nice day.  The tide came in very slowly, which got faster and faster, and the waves became huge, like a Tsunami.  The waves start to cut people off from getting back onto the road.   Some are drowned: I tried to save some people, but couldn’t help them.  Some people were following me, but they got cut off.  I found myself going down a tunnel, and a person/angel appeared and said, “Follow me.”  I asked if it was safe, and he said “yes.”  I followed them and came up into a train station.  The person/angel disappeared, so I asked a person on the platform, “Where am I?” I sensed I was in another part of the world.  I didn’t get an answer and the person disappeared.


I went around asking people if they knew about the wave that was cutting everybody off?   But they didn’t know what I was talking about.   


I then woke up, and God spoke to me.  God said, people are going to be cut off from  me, if they don’t take the warning from the teachers, prophets and apostles. 


The wave represented the world, e.g. debt crisis, and people are starting to drown.  It’s going to get worse not better, it will be out of control (like Greece), because of the times we are living in – we are living in dangerous times.  It will take countries down.  Other countries will be involved like, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England, France – the European countries.


After I saw the wave, I saw rockets being launched, and they represented war in the Middle East.  


The trumpets are sounding: this is a warning.  Christians are not ready for this. Now is the time to preach the gospel on the streets, because time is getting short and time will come when Christianity will be shut down.  





Seeking God in 2012, 

By Ruth Grigg,  18.1.12 




There is an open door in heaven.  It is not shut or locked as Satan would have you believe, but it is OPEN and I am waiting for you to come up and walk through this door, to receive the anointing and power I have for you. There are many treasurers in my house.  You can come to me with boldness and ask me for them.  You need to see this and experience it for yourself first, then you will give it to others.  You need to  ASK for it and receive it in faith, then begin to walk in that faith, to live it.  There are higher levels of anointing, power and authority that you have not yet received.  




But with this, there is a cost.  There is a cost of holiness, integrity, truth, love and laying your life on the alter, and even suffering for the Kingdom.  These need to be manifested in your life and ministry.  I want to see a reflection of myself in the church, not man, so you need to lay down your life.  



Come up and receive the treasurers, the gifts, the anointing I have for you.  Come and receive them in faith and walk them out on the earth, and let the Kingdom of God increase in you and in the earth.

Matthew 7:7-8 says:  Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. 




A message to Prophets


20.12.11  Ruth Grigg 


Firstly, I could see a big eye.  The Lord said, I have awakened my prophets to ‘see’ and they are calling the church to awake and to come out of the dark and out of their slumber.


He said… I am giving you prophetic eyes to see deep into the recesses of the church, behind the closed doors, and around the corners.  You will see what is there and you will call her (the church) out of those places into the light, into freedom, into maturity.  She is no longer to be a sleeping child, but a fully awake and engage Bride. 


Your eyes will guide the church as you see where I am leading by my Spirit.  You will lead her out of the desert into a fruitful and bountiful place.  You will lead her into the place she was destined to be.  There she will learn to live and rule and reign with me.  You are the voice in the desert preparing the way of the Lord.  Go and awaken my people and call her out to follow me. 


She will not want to follow, but like Moses led the Children of Israel, lead her out of the desert.  It is not an easy walk, but keep walking or she will not find her destiny.  Obey me in this and great will be the reward of the faithful and loyal whom I have chosen for this task.


When she (the church) is awakened and walking with me, she will be victorious.  She will be glorious, a true reflection of my Son. 




A call to Evangelists & the Church


20.12.11  Ruth Grigg


I heard the Lord calling his lost bride (the unsaved), and his heart was sad.  The Lord said this….   I am calling my lost bride into relationship with me.  I know her but she does not know me, and it breaks my heart that she is lost.  I want you to call her.  I want my church to call her.  Go and call her to the wedding feast I have prepared for her.  Call her to the banqueting table where I have laid a feast for her.  Call her from the highways and byways.   I have a special place for her.  The things she has desired on this earth she cannot obtain, but she can find only in my presence.  If she will but come, I have many mansions for her and life unspeakable. 


To those who hear and come, I will clothe in my righteousness and no longer will she wear rags, but riches.  My riches I give her.  She will have life everlasting. 


Keep silent no more!  Go and call her in !



I was praying for revival and reconstruction of the churches.... the Lord said, I didn't need to pray this anymore, because He has already answered it, revival is on it's way!  But he said I needed to pray for the church leaders, for the shepherds because they need to open the door and let Him in.  He said, the Shepherds hold the reigns and He cannot come and have control unless they give him full permission; unless they give Him the reigns.  


The Spirit was saying that the revival can come sooner if our churches repented and renounced our riches, our self-contentment and self-sufficiency.  If we repented and become poor in spirit then the revival would come quickly, but until then the Spirit is waiting for us.  He said the poor He will bless. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven - the riches of the Kingdom belong to them, because they come poor, (empty-handed, without pride and self-contentment), I give them my riches.


See Revelation 3:14-20




4.11.2011 - R Grigg


As I was praying the Lord spoke to me about our nation (UK) and others getting back to basics - getting back to the simplicity of Kingdom living, and being Kingdom people, living a holy life and living as sons and heirs of the Kingdom.  We are to advance the Kingdom of God and not our own ministry or doctrines or a person, or a church.  We are not to look to men or to ministries but simply to Him.


See 1 Corinthians 1:18 &  1 Cor 2:1-5







We declare and decree the PEACE of God that passes all understanding, that will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus over our nation..... We declare a QUITE and PEACEABLE life in our land, and peace with our neighbouring nations.



We decree the RULERS of our nation .... to have the wisdom of God in all their affairs, discussions and decisions. That our rulers, governors, leaders and Kings will be guided by the Spirit of Truth and will operate with integrity, deligence and humility. We declare our leadership will be inspired by the true and living God.



We declare PROTECTION over our nation...... protection over our cities, towns, villages, suburbs. Protection over our young and old, our vulnerable and sick and weak. We declare protection from Satan's attacks, protection from corruption, protection from wars and violence, protection from diseases and famines. We declare and release the Warrior Angels to come and stand with us in our time of need, and God's ministering angels to come and minister and bring healing to our people.



We call forth the INTERCESSORS of our land to rise up and to stand in the gap in intercession, on behalf of our nation.... to stand on the city walls, and to pray, to sound the alarm, and to declare the word of the Lord.



We declare that there will JUSTICE and righteousness in our nation, and that justice will be balanced with Godly wisdom and with mercy and kindness.



We call forth PROVISION for the people of our nation - provision for the poor and needy, the homeless and rejected ones, and the lonely. Provision of fresh clean water, provision of healthy and nutritious food, provision of homes and shelter, provision of health, and provision and release of finances in and to the areas and people that need it.



We call forth the CHURCH of the living God in our nation.... to wake up, to stand up and be counted as children of God, and the Bride of Christ. We call forth the Church to become SALT and LIGHT in this dark world. We call forth the church to become a victorious Body of Christ, overcoming darkness and the systems of this world.



We call forth a UNITY and a HEALING of wounds within the churches of our nation... and a binding together where there has been brokenness, mistrust and misunderstanding. We call forth a unity and depth of love between the members of the Body of Christ, so that the world may know we are Christians, by our love.



We call forth the CHURCH of God in our nation.... to RISE UP and MOVE OUT in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, declaring the Good news of the Gospel and displaying the miracles, healings, signs and wonders, and the works of God in our land. We call you forth and release you from your chains. We speak freedom over you to become all that God has called you to be. Rise up church.



We call forth the LOST SHEEP in our nation... those who do not yet know the Lord and have not heard of Him ... we call you to come out of your prison cells, out of your comfort zones, out of your sin and darkness, into the light, love, power and presence of God. We call you to come into the Kingdom of God and to the Wedding Banquet. The Spirit and the Bride says, "Come."



We call forth the LOST within the BODY of Christ in our nation ... we call you to return to the Body of Christ, the fold of God to be healed, delivered, set free, encouraged, built up, accepted and loved of the Lord and by the Body of Christ.



We call forth the PROPHETIC WORD to go out in our nation... in our churches, all over our land... that the word of God will be delivered and will be heard once again. We call forth a pulling down of strongholds, a pulling down of idols, false religions and cults, and a raising up of the banner of truth in our land.



We call forth REVIVAL in our nation that does not cease, but continues on until your work is done and the Lord returns. We call forth revival within the church and outside of the church. We call in a harvest of souls, and a harvest of young people with vision and fire within their hearts. We call forth a revival that shakes our nation ... and changes our nation, and turns our nation back to the true and living God. We call forth and declare that our nation will serve the true and living God once again, and that we will bow our hearts and our knees to our Saviour, Christ Jesus.



We call ALL these things forth in the name of JESUS and we decree them to the earth, in His precious name.








AUTHORITY IN CHRIST - Ruth Grigg, (18.6.11)


God spoke to me today during prayer.... he said I need to come up into the heavenly realm, where I am seated in heavenly places ... it is from here that I have authority and need to operate, not from the earthly realm we live in. Although we live in a fallen world, we have been elevated/transported into the spiritual realm. (1)



I know this was word was not just for me, but for US, the body of Christ.



I asked God what this meant and how are we to do this?



He said we are to operate under his authority... all of his authority is given to us... we are not to step outside of the authority he has given us, or to use miss-use any of it for selfish gain.... authority is given to bless and minister to others, and not to gain for self. The Lord needs to be able to trust those he gives his authority too.



He said we have authority from the heavenly realm, to bind and to loose, and that we have authority over EVERY spiritual force (demonic) in this world...(2)


He said we have authority over the earth and nature... including animals, plants, weather conditions, everything that springs from the earth .... when we see we have dominion because we are seated in heavenly places, then we will realise that MIRACLES are not so difficult. Everything Jesus had authority over on the earth, we can have also... Jesus showed us how He did it, so we can do it also. (3)



I asked the Lord about earthquakes and world disasters... are these included too? He said yes, when I we know that something is impending, BEFOREHAND, if we have a warning, then in united prayer we can bind and break it's power and divert disaster, and lessen it's effects... YES... authority in all the earth. (4)



The Lord said we have authority over sickness and disease and death, and over our own bodies/flesh ... we have victory over death... physical and spiritual, because of the work of Jesus. (5)


I asked the Lord about suffering, poverty, the world economics, about governments and rulers......



He said - there is no force against people's will. World governments and economics is dominated by Satan, and we do NOT have authority over people's choices, over men's hearts, minds and wills, because mankind needs to willing submit these to the Lord themselves....



BUT we DO have authority over the spiritual forces that work behind the scenes that influence and control mankind, governments and authorities.... We can bind and loose, we CAN PRAY (intercede and warfare) and seek the Father's face, and He will show us what to do! And WE DO have dominion over our own personal economics - it is Kingdom economics, rather than man's. (6)



One day however, when Jesus comes to rule and reign among us, we will have FULL AUTHORITY over all the earth, over governments, kings, nations and peoples. In that day, we will no longer be caught between two worlds, of the natural and supernatural, nor will we be limited by our earthly bodies, but we will have full dominion and rule with Him. In the meantime we can rule and reign in the spiritual realm, seated in heavenly places.... take your place and use the authority He gives you. (7)


1. Ephesians 2:6, Colosians 3:1-2, 2 Peter 2:9-10

2. Matthew 18:18

3. Matthew 14:13-36

4. Matthew 21:21-22, Matthew 18:18-19

5. Matthew 10:1, 7-8

6. 1 Timothy 2:1-4, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Ephesians 6:12

7. Revelation 1:6, Revelation 2:26




VISION - TOWERS,  31st May - Ruth Grigg


During prayer this is what the Lord showed me.... I prayed for several people, then I prayed for the church (in general)... and I saw a vision of the big buildings we have built, and the programmes and religious systems, rising up into the sky (like the tower of Babel).... but they were black.... they became a big facade, a camouflage, and like a fog, they blocked out the real Jesus. I saw these things acting as a barrier, they reflected the glory away from the Lord when people find Him. I started praying and repenting for the church....



In the spirit I saw that the church had become a tool in the enemy's hand.... and like Satan, who stated, "I will ascend into the heavens.... I will set my seat above the thrones of the stars... I will sit on mount zion, I will be like the most high God...." and I saw how the church was doing the same thing.... the churches (leaders) were setting up their own kingdoms, their own thrones, trying to be the best, trying to show themselves to be like God, but in fact they had become like Satan, desiring the things he desires.... and I saw how the church had played into the enemy's hand, how we thought we building God's kingdom, whereas we were in fact assisting the enemy in building something counterfeit... we were building a church does not represent God, nor reflects is image, but in fact, it reflected the image of the enemy in many ways.



I repented for the church, east and west... it is time the church repented of our works.... it is His church and His Kingdom we are to build....





TO THE UK GOVERNMENT by Ruth Grigg 17.5.10


I was praying and as I was praying the Lord began to speak to me about our nation and government. This is what he said...



This government needs to seek me, my wisdom and I will prosper them. If they don’t seek me, their systems will crumble. They build their ‘house’ on the sand and for a time it looks like these systems are working, but when the grounds shake the ‘house’ with it’s systems collapses. If the house is not built on solid foundation of truth of my Word then the house will fall and every government and system after that unless they seek my face and my ways. Listen to me and you will stand; don’t listen and you will fall. Pray that my Kingdom will come and my will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.




Please see scriptures below:


“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house: yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” (Matthew 7:24-27)



“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders build in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)



“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)





THE WEDDING FEAST, 29.6.10 Ruth Grigg


I saw a Bride, kneeling under an Olive tree, as she saw her Lord approach. The bridegroom came to her, took her hand and stood her up. The Lord said to her, “come, wash, bathe yourself in the oils and scents of worship, love and holiness. Make yourself ready for the wedding feast – and put on fresh garments – put on fresh garments daily. Do not let your garment (dress) be spoiled or stained with sin, but refresh, renew them, put on clean garments and ALWAYS be prepared to meet me....”


“Arise and come oh my bride. I call you to the wedding feast. I will put on you precious jewels and the crown of life, and you shall know the pleasures of my love, and you shall taste my goodness. You shall feast at the table and dwell in the house of the Lord forever. There will be no more stress and pain, but deep joy, peace, and laughter, and rest from all striving. You will enter into my rest for eternity.”



Song of Songs 2:10-13, & Psalm 23:5-6





Like Mary 19.7.10

I saw saints, intercessors, worshipping at Jesus feet, washing his feet with tears and anointing them with the oil of worship, as Mary once did. There were holes in his feet and blood. They were weeping and washing away the dirt and blood.



The Spirit said to me; "Cry out for the sins of your nation, and for the lost, the dying and the broken. Call out and cry out for them, then I will heal your land. I ask you to come as Mary. Mary did not come with her own works, or her own self-righteousness. She came in a humble attitude, in a spirit of repentance. Her worship was pure and she poured out her heart and she came to the only one she could - the only one who would not reject her. Pour your intercessions and worship at my feet and let me cleanse and heal your land, the lost ones and the broken ones. Let me walk among you again, as I once walked, I will walk again. I will pour out my spirit, my oil - and your light will shine brigher in the darkness. In these days the darkness will press in all around you, but I want you to stand firm in me, and stand together, and endure to the end. He who endures to the end, shall be saved."








I saw a big church bell ringing…. As if ringing a warning….


And I saw two tables, one on the right hand side one on left hand side.



I asked the Lord what this means…. He said, the table of the Lord, is on the right hand side, and the other is the table of Man and mammon.



I saw Christians serving between the two tables, because of persecution, they were forced to do things they didn’t want too, they were forced to back down or loose their jobs, forced to go between the two tables... but God said, choose whom you will serve.



God is sending an holy fire on the church; some churches will be shut down, and Christians will think it is the work of the enemy, but it’s the work of God. It is a refining fire, and judgement starts with the church. The Fire will destroy man’s table and man’s plans will not stand in the last days. However, a lot of house churches, and smaller churches, will start up and will spread everywhere – like upper room churches, and God’s power and fire will be on these groups, which will have a positive effect on the community, bringing many people to Christ.



Stephen Irvine (my brother)

Good Friday, April 22nd, 2010






James 4:7-8:  Submit yourselves then to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Come near to God and he will come near to you. 


I felt the Lord was saying through this scripture... that submitting to the Lord, bowing of our hearts as a church and a nation is crucial in resisting the enemy and his evil ways, and in driving out the darkness in our nation,, When we resist, the devil and darkness will flee…   if we draw near, he will, and when we humble ourselves, he has the freedom to act on our behalf… when we are willing, he will release his power….


I saw a picture of Centurions, Patriarchs of old.   I felt the Lord was saying through the verses…


I am calling my church in this nation to stand like the warriors, the Patriarchs of old, who stood for me in their time.  I call you to ‘stand’ firm in this time, to stand for truth and justice, and to take a stand against the evil one and his influences in your land.  Turn your hearts back to me and justice and mercy will flow like a river in your land once again. 


Yes, bow your heads and submit your hearts and my hand will be upon this nation with might and power as in times of old, and releasing an enabling anointing upon my people to speak my word, release my power, my kingdom awakening again, in your land. 


Prayer / Decree

I call forth the church in this nation to arise as warriors.  I call forth the Leaders who will take their stand and speak the Word of Lord with boldness.  I decree and release an enabling anointing upon God’s people, for an awakening in this land once again.




Philippians 2:9-11,  Rev 21:4-7


Through the Word I felt God was saying that God will honoured and every word preached in his name, and every kind act of mercy is seen by the Lord.. all will bow the knee to Him… and  God’s people will be honoured by the King.  


In Revelation, I felt God was reaffirming his promise to the church – that there will be no more pain and suffering, death or mourning, but all things will be made new!  They will be full of joy, drinking from the water of life, for this is their inheritance, as sons of the living God…..


I felt the Lord was saying… be encouraged my beloved ones, my persecuted ones.  I see your courage, I see your pain, I see every drop of blood spilled, and every tear cried.  My name will be honoured in your land, and every knee shall bow; and you, my chosen ones will rule with me.  Do not be afraid of what is to come or the things you face currently, but seek my face, I am your deliverer; and you my precious ones will drink of the river of lie, and eat the fruit from the trees.  I will honour you before my father and you will receive your reward.


Prayer / decree

I decree a mighty deluge of God’s boldness, strength, power and might upon God’s people in India, and the persecuted ones.  I declare a release of vision, fervour and renewal, until the day your receive your reward from Him.  In His mighty name, I release it to the earth.  Amen.




2 Chronicles 7:14: This specific scripture came to mind regarding USA.


I heard the word RESTORE…. I felt the Lord say He wants the nation to restore the grain to the hungry, restore the broken down systems, restore the constitution and the trust in God and let God’s people free.  Restore the liberty and justice and restore prayer and the statutes of God in the governmental places, in the cities and schools, and teach again the laws and righteousness of God in the land.   Tear down the walls of hate and repair the gateways so that so that the Lord’s army may march once again in the land.


I saw churches around the country, where there are rivers flowing from them, out into the cities and streets, healing the sick and dying, and satisfying the thirsty.


I felt the Lord was saying…. when there is a turning back, I will hear from heaven and bring healing to those who seek me, who follow after me – they will be saved and my mercy will flow to them.  A river will flow in the land, like an oasis amongst the hungry, amongst the thirsty a mighty river will flow out – invite the hungry and thirsty ones; this river is for them, this kingdom is for them.


Prayer / Decree

I decree and declare that there will be rivers flowing in USA, oasis in the desserts shall arise and rivers will flow from God’s house, out into the cities and streets, releasing the captives, bring the Kingdom of God to the hungry and thirsty.



A WORD FOR OUR LOCAL TOWNS,  Bromsgrove, Redditch, UK


Matthew 5:13-16


I saw walls that the Lord wanted to tear down, but he wanted to rebuild..


I felt the Lord was saying,,,, tear down the bricks of hate and shame, and self, greed and division, and rebuild the walls of your heart, and of your community with love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and peace…..  I call the church to pray, to intercede on behalf of the towns; and let praise be the battle cry and love be the lotion that heals the wounds.  I call you to lay down your life and love those who call you fools.  Carry the weak and strengthen then with acts of mercy and grace, and let your love speak, not just your words – then they will believe what you say.


When you are ready to do this, then my light will shine, and my glory will be seen in you; people will know there is a God of love, because it will be demonstrated through you.  Are you willing to take the challenge?  If you will do this,  many will be drawn to the light and love in you, the love will be all compelling, and will draw people from all walks of life.  Let your light shine, let your salt be salty.  Live as children of the kingdom and there will be grace and favour upon you.


Prayer / decree 

I decree a breaking down of walls that divide the church from the community, a breaking down of mistrust, and a rebuilding with love, forgiveness, mercy, grace and kindness.  I call forth the church in the community to intercede and praise, and to lay down their lives in love for their community, and for love to be evident, drawing many to Christ.  In Jesus name I declare, decree it, and release it to the earth.  Amen !





The Feet of Jesus 31.3.09 Ruth Grigg


In a vision, I was in heaven, and I was bowing down and worshipping at the feet of Jesus. I was kissing his feet. He was big and I was small. He said, 'reach out and touch my feet.' So I reached out and touched his foot. In the vision, I was taken to the cross where he was bleeding and dying and his voice said to me, 'put your hands on my feet' (on the cross), and so I did. I put my hands on the nails and holes in his feet.


He said, 'my feet walked a humble walk, they walked on dusty, dirty roads, they were painful and sore. I walked to share the gospel - then my feet came here to the cross. This is where they led me. Will you walk the dusty, dirty roads with me? Will you walk the painful path? Will you walk with me to the cross? Will you walk with me in my Kingdom?' I replied, 'yes Lord, I will walk with you.'



He said, 'look up', and as I did, I saw blood was pouring down everywhere - it was pouring over me. I was covered in his blood. He said, 'touch my hand with your hands.' I want you to reach out with those hands and place them on others to heal them. Will you? I want you to speak my gospel, deliverance, preach my Kingdom, speak my words.' Then He said, 'Put your hand on my tears.' So I reached up and put my hands on his tears. Then great floods of tears fell over me, as from heaven, right above me. He said, 'these tears are not for my pain, but for your pain and the pain of others. Take my tears and pour it over them - it will bring healing to their souls. Come and walk with me in my Kingdom, come and walk besides me. Then at the end of the vision, I was back kneeling and worshipping at his feet.



See Luke 7:36-50

Jesus calls us all to worship at this feet and to be 'washed' in his blood and He calls us to be his hands and feet in this world, to bring healing and release to the captives. He calls us to walk a humble, difficult path, but this path is the only path worth walking on - it leads to Him and His Kingdom!






Rivers 6.4.09 Ruth Grigg


I saw a river and God asked me to put my feet in it. As I put my feet in the river joy started to rise right up through my feet and over me!


Then this rapid torrent of a river came down stream, over my feet, and I was right in it. The river, He said, came directly from his throne. A scripture came to me: “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.” (Ps 46:4)



He showed me other rivers. He showed me a deep and dangerous river that I will have to walk through, I may even go ‘under’ but He will be guiding me through and bring me out. Then he showed me a cleansing river, where sin, pain and sickness is cleansed and released. I need to enter the cleansing river before I could go through the healing river. He showed me healing rivers, where I am restored, healed, strengthened and renewed. He showed me a quiet, almost still river where I receive peace. He said I will take you through many rivers and the Holy Spirit will guide me along.



He showed took me back to the rapid torrent, and he said, ‘jump in the river of joy!’ Others were jumping in also. There were shouts of joy and praise. He called us to “Come, come into the river”.



He said, “you will take this river with you – it will proceed you and follow you.” “Call my people to come into the river. The enemy cannot touch you in the river – he won’t get in!” He showed me that Jesus walks in the river with us.



He spoke to me and said, that in the river there is liberty, freedom, there is joy unspeakable, abundance life, peace, grace and truth. Let the rivers flow into the land. He said, “Call my people to soak in the river! The river is released.”



Scriptures relating to rivers and cleansing & healing:

Rev 22:1-2 “Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb of God down the middle of the great street of the city”.

See also, Ezekiel 47:1-12 & Ezekiel 36:25







THE BRIDE (2.6.09) Ruth Grigg


I had a vision of Jesus calling me to come and sit with him under this apple tree, in a beautiful garden. He said, "Come with me! I call you my lover. I call you my Bride. Come hold my hand. Prepare yourself. Wash in my waters. " The vision changed and, I was diving and swimming in refreshing waters. He said, "wash in my waters of love. Cleanse yourself, bathe yourself. Prepare yourself as Esther did before her night with the king." The vision changed, and Jesus poured a fragrant oil over my head. He said, "I pour my oil over you. I pour my fragrence over you, " and then he said, "come clothe yourself." I was dressed in a wedding gown and walked up the isle to meet my groom, my husband, Jesus. Jesus had a beautiful fire in his eyes, eyes of firey love. He looked at me with love. We joined hands. He said, "this wedding was purchased by my blood. I have brought you." He put a ring on my finger, and He made a vow, a vow of eternal love, and I the Bride, made a vow of love to my groom. I bowed before my King and Lord in submission to my new husband, King Jesus. He kissed me on my forehead and said, "all this is to come." (ie yet to take place).



In the vision I saw tables of glorious food, I saw singers and musicians and dancers. He said, "See I have prepared a wedding feast.... " Then He said "bring your offering to me - your fruit of love." So I brought him my offering. And then I saw heaven rejoicing. He said, "all heaven is rejoicing... I rejoice, my Bride is rejoicing, the angels are rejoicing, and the earth is rejoicing at the union of My Bride with me.




In the vision I represent the Bride of Christ - but the Bride is you and me, the whole body of Christ. This vision of his love for his Bride and the unity in marriage is a picture/foretelling of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb with His Bride, the Church, which is yet to take place. He loves His Bride very much and the vision is telling us to prepare ourselves - to wash ourselves (to be holy, clean), to anoint ourselves with his oil and fragrance as Queen Esther did before her night with the king, (worship) so we may enter his presence and be his spotless Bride.


Scriptural references:

Song of Songs 1:1-4, 2:3-13, 16, 4:9-10, 16, 5:1, 16, 7:10, 8:6-7 (Jesus as our lover, our groom)

Romans 5:1-2, 6 - 8 (we have been brought)

Esther 2:12, 17-18 (Esther prepares herself before she sees the king)

Luke 15:15-24 (the parable of the wedding banquet)

Revelations 19:9, 21:1-4, 9 (The bride & wedding feast)






THE BODY - June 09, Ruth Grigg


I had a picture of bones coming together to become a body. The body became flesh and stood up to be a giant - warrior. Then I received these prophetic words, which came in two parts.



Blow the trumpet - call my Body to come together. They must not be scattered, they must come together and work together. Can the leg cannot say it doesn't need the arm? Can the toe say it doesn't need the hand? I call every muscle, every bone, every fibre to work together and be my Body.



Blow the trumpet - I call my Body to awake! I call them to arise and be a warrior in the land, to take the nations, to proclaim and to bring salvation to the land.



Blow the trumpet - I call my Body to be my voice to the nations. Be my voice, speak my words, proclaim my Kingdom.



Blow the trumpet - I call my Body to prepare for my coming. Anoint yourself with oil - the oil of worship and holiness and readiness for my coming. Blow the trumpet. Church arise.



See Ezk 37:1-14

1 Cor 12:12-27



Second part:


I am calling an army - an army of mighty warriors to invade the world and the kingdom of darkness and to plunge and pull back and pluck out people who are lost and perishing. I call you to proclaim. Proclaim my Word! proclaim my Kingdom. Arise mighty warriors! I call you to go into the the darkness, into the depths of darkness, to bring people out into the light. You will find precious treasures in the darkness. How will they know the light unless you go? How will they see it, unless you take it? How will they hear unless you speak it and proclaim it?



I call you to put on that armour. Put on the armour and fight with my sword, for my sword is MIGHTY! Mighty in battle, mighty to conquer, mighty to divide, mighty to save. I call you to be a people of valour. Put on the breastplate of righteousness! Hold up the shield of faith! Go the nations with the gospel of peace. Keep on the helmet of salvation, always! Always proclaim salvation and truth. Wear and proclaim the truth - it sets you free! Go to the corners of the earth! Go and spread my word. Go to every nation, every city, every town, every village. Go, and my strength and my power and might will be with you!


My church shall arise and be seen in the world again as a mighty army, as a powerful body, not to be tampered with, not to be mocked and scorned as weak and ineffective, but mighty in God!


See 1 Thess 5:4-8

1 John 1:5-7

Eph 6:10-18

Matt 28:19-20






COMPASSION - June 2006, Ruth Grigg


“Compassion; have my heart of compassion. Compassion reaches out, gives out of oneself. Compassion lays itself down on the alter. Compassion says there is no place you will not go. Compassion loves the leaper and the outcast. Compassion is all embracing. Compassion goes beyond yourself into another realm; the realm of my supernatural love, which is non-exhausting, never ending. Can you have that heart of compassion? This is what the world looks for and needs. It needs the heart of a Father who loves and protects and guides and gives and gives without expecting return. This is how the world knows you are different – not by what you say or do, but by the measure of your love and your willingness to be broken and to reach out to touch the unlovely and unloved.



Will you be my hands that reach out and touch them? to hold them, to love them, to pull them out of darkness? Will you be my feet that will walk with them in their pain and loneliness? Will you walk the way I walked? Will your love be a fragrance to the dying and the lost? Will your words be healing and life? Will your eyes see? Do they see? Do they see with my eyes? Do you see people the way I see people? I look with eyes of compassion and my heart longs, yearns to be one with those who are lost and seeking me. Let this love be in you that was in Christ Jesus. You are my body, my hands, eyes, ears, feet, mouth; let this love be in you; let love me your mark.”







JIGSAW PIECES 17.6.09 Ruth Grigg


After worship I sat and listened to Holy Spirit, and I saw and felt a whirlwind. The whirlwind surrounded me then took me up into it. The Lord was saying, come up here I have things I want to show you, I want you to see with my eyes. He said he is building his army and putting people into place and putting strategies into place.



He said to me that he is going to give me, and others pieces of jigsaws – he is going to send his angels and his Holy Spirit and they are going to show us strategies of the Lord; how He is moving and working among our nations and among the body of Christ in these latter days; we will understand the books of Revelation and Daniel as He unfolds his plans and purposes for our time.



He said to me he is raising a faceless, nameless army of mighty warriors; there will not be many Leaders, but there will be a vast army and we will all be mighty and effective.



He said to me that angels would come and visit us tell us things, show us pieces of the puzzle. Some will have angels visit, some will be taken up into heavenlies and shown things and some will have the Holy Spirit will speak directly to their hearts and He will reveal things to us. The Body in different nations will each receive pieces of the jigsaw puzzle; the puzzle will build a bigger picture and we will begin to see the bigger picture when all our pieces are put together over the nations.



The Holy Spirit also said, that when we receive a piece of the puzzle we need to be carefully listening for more. He will keep giving us more if we seek Him. If we do not, we may hold onto our one or two pieces he has shown us, but not see the bigger picture, then we can easily fall into deception and not move forwards. We need to see what the Father is doing and do what He is doing, move with the Holy Spirit.




He said that it is important for the prophets and apostles and pastors to link forces and to be unity with each other so that His plans and purposes can be released. He said that we are to watch for the false ones planted by the enemy; they may look and sound good, but in your hearts you will discern their spirits, you will discern deceit. He said we need to be alert and prayerfully watching.



The enemy’s activities will also be increasing, and this will give a very confusing message to the world. The world will be in chaos, so our vision and our voice needs to be very clear. They will know us by our fruit, our walk, not just by our words or actions, because the enemy is counterfeiting all we do.



He showed me some of the pieces of the puzzle: intercession and worship in unity with others; this is one of the key pieces of the puzzle, and this is key in our times, key in hearing the Holy Spirit and receiving revelation, key in being in touch with the Father’s heart. When we seek Him, intercede he hears us and heals our land. He showed me that angels will minister to us and with us when we intercede, they will join in our intercessions.



Another piece of the jigsaw, is unity. He will call and raise up apostles to bring unity among churches and to intercede and worship. When we do, God will give us strategies and revelation. He will show his prophets and apostles strategies, pieces of the jigsaw that will fit together.



The army has to be united to be effective. In unity the Holy Spirit’s presence is poured out, we will be empowered. Alongside unity is relationship and fellowship. We cannot build the body without it: it is necessary to support one another, to fellowship at a deeper level, deeper than the world.



Another piece of the puzzle is a simple lifestyle, but one that lives on the life-line, on the edge, where we will lay down our lives for Him and each other. Our lives need to be so radically different from the world’s, when we are different they will know who we are. We are also to live a lifestyle of simple, obedient faith, that is willing to do the ‘acts’ of Jesus: miracles and healings, and His works as He leads. Our lifestyle and words will expose the darkness. Our job is to expose the false and shine the true light.



My job, our job, is just to be at His feet, worshipping and interceding, as we do, we will receive guidance and revelation from Him.




Sowing & Reaping 24.7.09 Ruth Grigg



I saw a picture of people reaping in a field. The people were reaping separately, in different parts of the field. The Lord said to me that we would reap more if we reaped together. He said that we need to take the seeds/fruit (people) that have been reaped, and nurture them, disciple them and then replant them so they can produce many more seeds. He said, we need to let go of them, not stifle them, but let them grow so they can produce their own seeds, so the cycle continues.


He showed me these scriptures, which confirmed this:

Matthew 13:23, 2 Cor 9:6-11, Gal 6:7-10






Builders 24.7.09 Ruth Grigg


I saw a picture of people building individual homes (ministries, churches, kingdoms). The Lord said, we are building individual homes, without realizing that He asked us, called us to build one kingdom. We may have individual ‘rooms’ and places for ministry but the Lord builds one house. If we don’t realize this, the enemy can come in and set one kingdom (house) against another, causing division, weakness, and ineffective building of His Kingdom. The Lord said we should build together, build one kingdom. There are no separate kingdoms and there should be no competition between builders, but co-building and co-operation. He said, unless the Lord builds the house, its builders build in vain (Ps 127:1).



He also said to remember where we build our house. If we build it on the sand it will collapse; we need to remember to labour together, to dig foundations deep in prayer, worship, the Word, and fellowship; then this house will stand when others collapse around us, because it is built on the solid rock.


Please see: 1 Cor 3:4-15, Mat 7: 24-27, Mat 12:25






THE NATIONS 19.7.09 Ruth Grigg


On Sunday at church during the worship time, I saw an angel who took me up to fly with him above the nations. He blew fire down on Asia (the fire of the Holy Spirit) and said ‘rain’ was coming to Africa and the Winds of the Holy Spirit was going to blow across America (and Europe).

The vision started and finished quickly, as we stopped worship and had to listen to the speaker. I know though, that this was just a quick flash of something more he wanted to show me, so later in the day I went back into prayer and asked the Holy spirit to show me the rest. This is what he showed me and said:



Africa: (19.7.09)


He showed me rain and floods in places. The rain clouds moves, stops and starts over different areas of Africa. Sometimes the rain is like light showers, sometimes heavy. This rain is sent from the Lord. He said, “I will water the land where they receive me. I will not go to places that don’t receive me, only those who call out and ask. I will water the land that is dry and parched when they cry out to me. The cloud is coming, the rain is ready to pour out across the nations of Africa.



“The cloud and rain will follow my servants and prophets and I will pour out many signs and wonders: where their feet treat, so will I. There will be a thundering and lightening from heaven – Africa will know I have spoken. The lightening will show My glory. I will pour out My blessing, a mighty deluge, mighty heavy rains. The clouds will lift and follow My servants and will fall on all My servants who call on Me.



Asia: (19.7.09)


I saw the angel blowing down fire over Asia. He said; “The fire of the Holy Spirit will burn! It will burn idols, it will burn the false to ashes and all that will remain will be My Word and My truth. I will raise up prophets to speak My word to this generation and release My might power among My people in Asia. My servants will encounter great darkness and deceit (in this nation) and persecution will come; but I have made a way. I have made a path for my people and they shall walk in the light. They shall be my light in the world. Where they go, the fire will fall! My holy fire. I am holy and I will burn. I will burn holiness into their hearts and I will burn in the souls of the lost. They will seek me and find me and be drawn deeper into the fire of my holiness.



My Fire will spread – it will spread from heart to heart, place to place, nation to nation. It is a fire that cannot be put out, because I blow on it and I spread it, no man can stop it. My fire is coming to Asia, be ready!”





India 19.9.09


I have a passion for India, for the people do not know me and I come to the poor and humble. When they call me, I will come. I will show myself to the nation again. They will see signs and wonders and know I am God, the one true God. I will pour my Spirit on the land. Come before me and seek me. I will hear you and heal you. You were not my people, but I will make you mine. You are precious to me, a priceless jewel. I died for you and I redeem you. I call you back and I enfold you. I call you to come into my Kingdom and be children of the most High King.


Please see: Isaiah 55:5, Isaiah 53:4-6, and Isaiah 54:5-7



America: (19.7.09)


A wind is blowing across the land. This is my holy wind. Do not be afraid of its strength and power, do not run and hide, but let it envelope you and take you along the path I lay out. Let this wind bend you, break you, let this wind remould your thinking, let this wind challenge you, let this wind empower you and send you out.



I call you as a nation to be sent out. Go out to the nations and take my Spirit. Spread the wind of the My Spirit. Let it come to you and upon you and sent it forth!



Let my Spirit show you new ways. Let my Spirit reveal to you my hearts desire and let not the old hold you back. The old has past, behold I am dong a new thing with this nation. You will link to other nations and the wind will blow over you and through you to others. Do not despise the little things, the small or the weak. The small will become mighty. The small and the mighty will link into one unit and become mighter. Your spiritual links will be health and strength to those in living in these times of trouble. Strengthen yourself in me, oh mighty nation and strengthen the small and the weak. For you are what I make you. You exists in me and because of me. I gave you live and breath. Let your strength be in me alone, not yourself, but me. I am the Lord, there is none other.”



Australia: (19.7.09)


“I am raising worshippers and intercessors in this land. I am raising leaders and I will release a spirit of joy, and deliverance over this land. A shout of praise will rise up, for they worship me in all their heart. They worship me in spirit and truth and I delight in them. I release a spirit of prophecy over this land. They shall prophecy and bring forth my word to the nations. I release refreshing springs, coming up from the earth, watering the land.”



Israel: (19.7.09)


“Blow the shofer, hear me oh Israel. Israel, oh Israel, I release a spirit of repentance over you. Repent and turn your heart to me and I will turn to you. I will not forget my people or my covenant with you. You are my chosen people and my heart breaks for you and waits for you to return to me. I will open the eyes of the blind and reveal who I am. I am who I am and I will reveal this to you. You will no longer search and walk in darkness for my light is coming and is shining over you. Seek me and you shall find me. Hear me Oh Israel. I am calling you.”





Britian: (19.9.09)


Britian has turned away from me and has let in many idols and false religions. I lament for the nations. But what should I do? Shall I come in my judgment and wipe out the nations? Or shall I come in my mercy? I choose to come in mercy so many will be saved.



I will pour out my rain and my fire on the church. My rain to soak you in my Spirit and presence, and my fire. I will ignite a fire in your hearts, that will burn and cause you to have vision again. And I ask you to take this fire out - take it out onto the streets and into the nations. You are my fire carriers and my torch bearers.



Fall on your knees and seek my face, there you will see my glory. Turn your hearts again to me, bow your knee to me only, then you will be strengthened. Strength comes within, it comes from my Spirit to your own - I will strengthen your heart, I will strengthen the weak; it is my might and power not yours. Turn back to me oh mighty nation, because your might comes from me! I have power to build or destroy, to pull up or to tear down; but I want you to tear down the enemy's strongholds and to build with me the Kingdom of God - for my reign will last forever. I am eternal. My Kingdom is eternal and my power and my glory is eternal. I will reign eternally among you and with you. Rise up sons and daugthers!



Please see: Jeremiah 3:12-15, Isaiah 45:8, Isaiah 52:7, Isaiah 55:6-11






The Poor & Humble 25.7.09, Ruth Grigg


Let the church hear what my Spirit is saying: I choose to pour my Spirit on the poor. I choose the poor to confound the rich, and the weak to confound the strong, the small to confound the big, the unlearned to confound the learned and the child to confound the kings and rulers. I do this so you will know it is not yourself, but my Spirit. It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. I will blow on whom I choose. I will blow on the lowly and the poor for they humble their hearts before me. He who humbles himself will know my presence, my power and my might. I come to reveal the Father, I come to reveal my judgment but also my grace, my holiness and my mercy. I am a gracious God and I hear all who call on me. I will deliver them, I will honour them, because they honour me and my name. My name is above all other names and it shall be lifted up above the nations. My son shall be glorified and my sons and daughters shall be revealed.


Please see 1 Corithians 1:26-30



Tsunami wave of the Holy Spirit - 1.8.09 Ruth Grigg


In the vision / prophecy the Holy Spirit said, there is a Tsunami of my Holy Spirit coming to the church world wide - the glory of the Lord is to be released. Run into it, not away from it! Don't be afraid of it, because no man can push it back. Yes, it will knock down your walls and it will sweep away all that went before it, and it will spread over the land. Get into the waves, let it sweep over you. It will come to every nation, every tribe and every tongue.






MY CHURCH 1.8.09 Ruth Grigg


I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it! (Matt 16:18)



It is my church, my people. I am calling: a bride, not beggars; sons not slaves; soldiers not captives; prayer warriors not worriers; worshippers not soul-seekers or flesh seekers; soldiers of my Word, not the wisdom of man; David - giant slayers, not fearful trembling men; seekers of my heart, my ways, my kingdom, not the ways of this world.



Let me build my church IN you, and my Kingdom in you and through you into the world. Go out into the world and make disciples, baptising them in the name of the Son.* Preach the Word and signs will follow you. I will build my Kingdom around you as I build it in you and through you.


*Matt 28:19-20





FISHING – 10.9.09 Ruth Grigg

In a vision, Jesus took me to a beach, to a rock pool. I started fishing with a little children’s net, and He said, “most times, the church goes fishing in the rock pools with little nets, and they don’t catch much because they are in the wrong place – they stay in their comfort zones. I ask you to go fishing in the sea and cast your nets out onto the other side where there are many fish. I ask you to get out of your comfort zone. You will catch so many, the nets will be breaking!”


See Matthew 4:18-20, and John 21:1-14







GOOD FRUIT 26.9.09 Ruth Grigg

I saw a vision of a pink blossom tree with red apples. Jesus is standing under the tree and said to me, “look up, what do you see?” I replied, “I see pink blossoms”. “Do you see fruit?” Jesus asked? “I see apples” I replied.



Then he said: “I want you to be fruitful like those apples, I want you to produce good fruit – fruit of faith, hope, love, joy, peace, self-control with love and compassion being the biggest frit. Let my Spirit, my goodness be the core of your being and do not give out any bad fruit – one taste, one bite of bad fruit will stop people believing and eating of the good fruit. Let the fruit of compassion grow in you…. compassion for me and for others. I am depositing in you seeds of compassion for the lost and broken, poor and lonely, rejected; for apostles and prophets and pastors who labour hard daily and need encouraging; for the high in society who have found no satisfaction, but are searching for deeper truths; for kings, rulers and governors who need me and are searching; for the widow and orphans, and for everyone in between. I am depositing my seeds of compassion in you. Give the fruit of compassion.



See Matthew 7:16-20, and Galations 5:22-23







MY FACE – Ruth Grigg 27.10.09


Step into the cloud of my presence… can you see it? Can you feel the dew drops? They are to refresh you. Can you see Jesus face? Look at his face As you look at my face, you will be like me, you will reflect my glory.



I send you, human to human, to reflect his face on your own face. I send you because mankind are afraid of me, of my face – but in your face, they will see me. I send you, mankind to mankind, because they do not know my voice or my ways, so I send you so they may know me.



Keep coming into the cloud of my presence. Let it soak you and surround you, be in you and you in me and take that presence with you at all times. In my presence there is fullness of joy! Be full of joy! In my presence there is peace and love and hope – be that! Be my presence. Live in it.


See 2 Corinthians 3:12-18 & 2 Chronicles 5:13-14







The Wind, Eagle and Dove Ruth Grigg 30.11.09


Can you hear the wind blowing? The wind blows where it wills and changes direction. The wind changes in strength – it can be so strong that it blows your house down… but I don’t come to destroy, but to build and empower you. But some things need to be moved out of your house, out of my house, because they block me moving into the places I need to go. Move out the old things you do not need or use any more; you cannot go back, I AM doing a new thing. You need to move old patterns of behaviour, working, and thinking out of your house, and you need to move fear out. Do not be afraid when my Spirit moves and when my Spirit unsettles you and unearths you, and seems to be doing something else that you are not used to doing. Follow the eagle and the dove. Where the eagles flies, go with it; the eagle will lead you out. I need you to see what I am doing and where I am going and go with me. The dove will come also, bringing peace, my presence, healing and rest. Watch where the dove rests and go with Him. This is my leading. Keep watching where I am going and go with me.



John 3:8, Matt 3:16, Isa 40:31, Isa 43:18-19, John 6:19-20